Courses via Distance Learning - "At Your Own Pace In Your Own Place"  Dr. Michael K. Haynes 
Training Options

offers a Basic Certification Course
®, which following completion, a diploma as a Certified Restorative Therapist will be granted. In addition, there are four levels of Advanced Certification Courses. When all five levels (Basic plus Four Advanced), of training are completed, the Board of Regents of The Faith Based Counselor Training Institute will grant Master Level Board Certification as a Restorative Therapist.

FBCTI has certified over 8,000 people in all of its programs and various curriculums. National Continuing Education Credits are awarded upon completion of courses.

Here are Several things that Faith Based Counselor Certification Accomplishes…

  • Builds Public Trust
  • Adds to the Counselor's Confidence
  • Complies with State Laws, Rules, and Regulations
  • Creates Accountability and Standardization
  • Provides Networking Possibilities
  • Raises Awareness of Current Societal Problems
  • Brings a Dimension of Professionalism
  • Gives a Brief Education into the Arena of Counseling Techniques

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between state licensure and faith based certification?

A. Faith Based Training organizations, such as FBCTI or the churches, do not offer a state license in the same manner that the state does not offer faith based groups a license to practice ministry.

Q. Does the Faith Based Counselor Training Institute, Inc. offer any type of license?

A. Yes. We offer courses for a person to become a Licensed Pastoral Counselor.

Q. Can a graduate of the FBCTI training courses perform the same functions as those who hold a state license?

A. Yes. In many states there is no distinction. In Texas, House Bill 2481 allows the person who receives the FBCTI certification to counsel people with life controlling issues from a faith based approach. FBCTI operates under an exemption from the Texas Workforce Commission and the certification is state and nationally recognized. (See Certification Credibility)

Q. Can more than one person receive certification from one course?

A. No. Each person must take the desired courses individually in the same manner as people take college courses individually.

Q. How does the FBCTI curriculum compare to a degree in Psychology or Counseling from a Liberal Arts school?

A. The FBCTI courses are designed to be a hands on approach to the practical problems that many hurting people are facing. We do not offer theory, but rather real techniques to minister to and counsel the addicted, those with anger problems, domestic violence, and a myriad of other issues that millions are struggling with on a daily basis. We offer a holistic approach to what is real and true.

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and talk to an FBCTI staff counselor.