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Enablers Can Kill Addicts:
What To Do When You Find Your Kid Is On Drugs
By Dr. Michael K. Haynes

A Drug Problem is a Total Family Problem. What Do You Do When You Find Your Child Is On Drugs? Where Do You Turn? Who Do You Talk To? Here Is The True Story Of How One Family Saved Their Son From A Multi-year Methamphetamine Addiction. Enablers Can Kill Addicts Is A Must Read Book With The Answers!

$19.95 + $5.00 (S&H)

No Strings Attached: The Healing Power of Unconditional Love: A Guide to Pet Therapy and Pet Assisted Visitation
By Dr. Michael K. Haynes

Do you love Your Pet? Will Your Pet Be In Heaven? How to utilize pet in a counseling environment?

No Strings Attached: The Healing Power of Unconditional Love is a must read for Pet Lovers who would like to learn about how their Pet can help others through Pet Therapy and Pet Assisted Visitation.

Dr. Haynes, an internationally known author and faith based trainer combined his counseling and pastoral experience with Gary Gosney, DVM, the most well-respected veterinarian in Central Texas. In this book, through their combined experience and knowledge they will guide assist you in learning how to understand and utilize your pet while helping others.

$19.95 + $6.00 (S&H)

The god of Rock: A Christian Perspective of Rock Music By Dr. Michael K. Haynes

This best selling book by Dr. Michael K. Haynes has been updated and changed to a work book format for use in groups by those who want to know more about the Pied Piper Power of music. In its original form this hit book sold over 250,000 world wide. The god of Rock explores rock music's major themes of sex, drugs, rebellion, religions other than Christianity, and Satanism - a look behind the scenes at what is really happening in the music industry. How it all started and where we are today.

MH1 - $15.00 + $3.00 (S&H) Group Prices Are Available



A Guide To Knowing God By Dr. Michael K. Haynes

Now in its 12th printing, this discipleship manual has been used for years by pastors, evangelists, and study groups throughout the country. Excellent for group study and church training, this practical material is really an 8 point systematic theology for the saints. Topics include The Attributes of God; Who Is Christ; The Holy Spirit and His Gifts; How We Got the Bible; The Real Mission of the Church; What Will Happen in the Last Days; The Power of Prayer; and others.

MH3 - $19.95 + $5 (S&H)

Brother This Stuff Will Preach By Dr. Michael K. Haynes

Acclaimed by ministers around the world as the best book of expository outlines ever compiled. It has also been highly recommended as a daily devotional study guide. This is a great tool for those in positions of teaching without much time to prepare. These 'thought starters' have been proven to be a very valuable tool for expository preachers, prison ministry volunteers, youth ministers, Sunday school teachers, chaplains, victim relief ministers, and any other counselors who desire to minister the Word of God.

MH4 - $5.00 + $3.00 (S&H)

The Touch of Two Kings By Rick Stanley and Michael K. Haynes

The Touch of Two Kings is the true and never-before-told story of the special relationship between two stepbrothers - Elvis Presley and Rick Stanley. Rick teamed with noted author Michael K. Haynes to relate the experience of being taken from a Virginia orphanage to live and grow up at the Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee. Following Presley's death, the story continues to unfold Stanley's miraculous conversion to King of Kings. Rick was touched by the 'king of rock 'n roll and the King of Kings.

MH5 - $15.00 + $3.00 (S&H)


The Kid Killer: Teenage Suicide By Dr. Michael K. Haynes

The Kid Killer has also been changed into workbook format due to the enormous demand for group studies on how to prevent suicide among teens. This material addresses the core causes of why suicide is on such a rampage among America's youth. It examines the seven Biblical accounts of suicide and shows how all seven literally personify the basic suicidal ideations that professionals are dealing with today. The workbook format this book offers practical help for those who counsel or work with youth in Group sessions.

MH2 - $15.00 + $3.00 (S&H)


Watch Out For The Snakes By Van N. Houser

The world of youth today is drastically different from the world in which most parents were raised. Many of the problems that currently threaten kids are completely foreign to Mom and Dad. What should a parent do to protect their children from these hidden threats? Mr. Houser's practical book provides important information as to the untold dangers that lurk in the world of youth. Van asks parents nationwide, "If your child had to face AIDS, drugs, bulimia, anorexia, violence, suicide, cults, the occult, gangs, and illicit sex armed only with what you have taught them, what would they know?" Here is a guide for parents to assist them in equipping their children to walk through a drug-filled, sex-crazed violent world safely.

MH7 - $10.00 + $3.00 (S&H)


Training Manual on Cults and Occult Behavior By Dr. Michael K. Haynes

This 'Quick Reference Guide to Cult and Occult Behavior' has been used in training law enforcement personnel nationwide on how to recognize and deal with occult related crime. It defines the basic nature of cults; how they operate; what is their hidden agenda; what are the signs of their activity; who is vulnerable to their recruitment; where are they invading; and how to counsel someone who is involved or trapped. This powerful material was presented to the Texas Sheriff's Association 1989 Annual Conference in Waco, TX only a stones throw away from David Koresh and his compound.

MH8 $10.00 + $3.00 (S&H)


Dare To Be Debt Free By Jerry Kenchel

This extremely practical 'Debt Elimination Plan' kit contains three user friendly workbooks, one video and one audio dealing with helping people develop a personal plan for becoming debt free. Over the past ten years, personal credit card debt has increased to $1.4 trillion dollars. The average American family is over $17,000 in debt to eleven credit cards paying only minimum payments and throwing away approximately $1,200 monthly in finance charges. This simple, yet powerful 'Debt Elimination Plan' will educate you and encourage you to take charge of your financial future. Jerry Kenchel says,"Its not how much you make - its what you keep."

MH9 $69.95 + $3.00 (S&H)


Satan's Underground By Lauren Stratford

This book is an extraordinary story of one woman's escape from the almost inextricable snare of the occult. Its pages contain a story of hope about how a tragically devastated woman found God's deliverance and healing. Through this powerful best-selling book, victims, parents, counselors, law enforcement personnel, and anyone who might come in contact with those who have been abused or ritualistically abused will find invaluable information. "I seldom recommend books, however, this one needs to be put before the public." Hal Lindsey

MH10 Hardback $15.00 + $3.00 (S&H)


How To Effectively Pray For Your Grandchildren By Dr. Michael K. Haynes

Recent statistics reveal that 33.2% of the children in America under the age of 16 are being raised by their grandparents. If the parents of today are almost totally removed from the reality of their kid’s world, how much more so are the grandparents out of the picture. This unique manual introduces grandparents to 'street smart survival skills' and educates them as to how to connect grandparent prayer power to grandchildren needs.

MH11 $10.00 + $3.00 (S&H)

Turn Your Eyes On Me
A New CD from the music ministry of Marj Haynes.

Marj has thrilled and blessed thousands with her incredible vocal talents. To receive a genuine blessing for years to come, order her tapes today.

MarjTape1 $13.00 + $2.00 (S&H)