Courses via Distance Learning - "At Your Own Pace In Your Own Place"  Dr. Michael K. Haynes 

Our Faculty


Dr. Michael K. Haynes is the President and Founder of The Faith Based Counselor Training Institute. Michael is a prolific creative writer and the author of 60 books in addition to curriculums for FBCTI, Canyon Creek Seminary and numerous other schools. Dr. Haynes also founded Crisis Chaplaincy Care following his year of service at Ground Zero in New York City during the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of 9/11. He is a licensed pastoral counselor having served as a senior pastor for 16 years. He also operated a private counseling practice and center for several years following. Dr. Haynes has been in the ministry since 1969.


Marj Haynes is the co-founder of The Faith Based Counselor Training Institute. Marj’s ministry of music has touched the lives of thousands. She is the Registrar for FBCTI and Crisis Chaplaincy Care. Marj has performed her music in Nashville, Las Vegas, Branson and numerous other gospel and country venues. She sang God Bless America for the Dallas Mavericks professional basketball team for 7 years. 


Dr. Robert Yeung is the International Director for the Faith Based Counselor Training Institute. He completed his formal education in the United States earning a Ph.D. He currently resides in Hong Kong, China and is a faith based liaison with the Chinese government and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Drs. Yeung and Haynes recently founded The Faith Based Institute of Hong Kong. He is heavily involved in working with the earthquake victims of the Sichuan province of main land China.


Bishop David Hartman has an extensive background in crisis intervention. He was appointed by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to oversee the entire crisis clergy coordination at Ground Zero in New York City following the terrorist attacks of 9/11. He is a 22 year veteran retired detective with the New York Police Department and over sees over 200 churches around the world. He holds a Ph.D. in counseling and is a highly sought after speaker. Dr. Hartman and Dr. Haynes became close friends as they worked for over a year together helping the victim’s family's of 9/11. He is also heavily involved in developing the churches of Nigeria.

Adjunct instructors include:

Van N. Houser, M.Div. Pastor, North side Baptist Church, Weatherford, TX

Joe Williams, Chaplain FBI, Oklahoma City, OK

Don Hawkins, Chaplain/FEMA Liaison, Houston, TX

Professor Baxter Castro Coffee, Houston, TX

Dr. Joe David, San Antonio, TX

Jim Daniels, Chaplain, San Antonio, TX

Johner Martin, Chaplain, Belton, TX

Board Members

Bishop David Hartman

Dan & Mary Ann Jones - Owners: Kwik Kopy Business Center, Temple, TX

Jill Hargrove - Bell County Victim Assistance Director

Lonzo Wallace - Temple, TX Fire Chief, President National Fire Chiefs Association

Michael Haynes, President, The Faith Based Counselor Training Institute

Marj Haynes, Registrar, The Faith Based Counselor Training Institute