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Distance Learning

Distance Learning Program

Thank You For Inquiring About The Faith Based Counselor Training Institute's Comprehensive Distance Learning Program.

A Word from Dr. Haynes...
"We have focused more on the content of the material than the packaging and presentation. A Distance Learning program in counseling should deal with actual 'roll up your sleeves' techniques in certain areas so that both counselors and clients will have confidence in the healing process . We have used teachers with street-wise, hands on experience to share their expertise in their particular assignments. This program will require a focused learning effort on your part."

FBCTI has certified over 5,800 people in all of its programs and various curriculums. National Continuing Education Credits are awarded upon completion of courses.

"Certification Adds Credibility"

Here are Several things that Faith Based Counselor Certification Accomplishes…

  • Builds Public Trust
  • Adds to the Counselor's Confidence
  • Complies with State Laws, Rules, and Regulations
  • Creates Accountability and Standardization
  • Provides Networking Possibilities
  • Raises Awareness of Current Societal Problems
  • Brings a Dimension of Professionalism
  • Gives a Brief Education into the Arena of Counseling Techniques

What Are The Advantages To Distance Learning Certification…

  • No travel
  • Study at your own pace
  • Personalized attention
  • Study in the comfort of your own environment No travel and overnight expense
  • Receive the same recognized counselor certification

How To Get Started…

Step One: Enroll by utilizing the Enrollment Link below or Call 254.231.4334 to ORDER. The Basic Tract must be completed before entry into any of the Advanced Levels except Anger Management.

Step Two: Await arrival of your course materials from FBCTI. You will receive the Course Materials and the Outcomes Test. Review the Text Book, Listen to the accompanying CD/DVD's. Complete the Outcomes Test and return to FBCTI for your Certification.

Step Three: Following FBCTI's receipt of your tuition payment, you will receive an introductory and email containing the application, after completion of the application, you will receive a phone call from Dr. Michael K. Haynes or someone on his staff to discuss your training agenda and the reasons why you have selected our Distance Learning courses. FBCTI is committed to the highest level of standards and professionalism in training, certification and continuing education for licensed and professional counselors.

Step Four: Once the enrollment procedures are complete, you will receive the Basic Course material and be on your way to one of the most exciting ministries you ever thought possible.

Distance Learning Basic Course
The basic certification course is an overview of life controlling problems that scores of people are facing on a daily basis. This overview provides a general awareness of these issues and how a counselor can recognize them and develop an effective treatment plan to bring the client healing and wellness.

All of the components listed below are part of the Basic 'Restorative Therapy'

Certification Course

Foundational Principles for Faith-Based Counseling Restorative Therapy™ Counseling Model/ The Bible as It Relates to Counseling/ The Principle of Trichotomy/ The Principle of Position/ The Person of God/ Spiritual Gifts in Counseling/ Listening on the Inner Level/ Speaking on the Inner Level/ How to Get Behind Your Client's Eyes

Counseling in An Addicted Society/Chemical Dependency/ Steps To Effective Prevention/ Drugs and the Brain/ Faith-Based Recovery Issues/ Drug Education 101/ Signs and Symptoms/ Successfully Counseling the Addict/ Steps to Recovery

Crisis Intervention Counseling
Overview of Critical Incident Stress Management/ Debriefing/ Understanding the Suicide Mentality/ Counseling the Victims of Crime and Natural Disaster

Anger Management
Understanding the Roots of Anger/ Brain Chemistry/ Brain Stapling/ Understanding How the Mind Works/ The Conscious and Subconscious Mind/ Learned Behavior/

Ministering to Inmates and Families
5 Ways to Effectively Minister to the Incarcerated/ Relapse Dynamics/ How to Work with Offenders Families

Understanding the Hidden Danger of Stress
Coping with Daily Stress/ Recognizing Stress in Clients/ Practical Tips on Coping With Stress/ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/ The Nutrition and Stress Connection/ Helping Your Clients Establish Wellness Programs

Tuition for the Basic 'Restorative Therapy' Certification Course is $275 + $15 (S&H) = $290 TOTAL


Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

Distance Learning Advanced Courses

The distance learning courses provide a more in-depth look into the life-controlling problems addressed in the basic course. The Advanced Courses are the 'roll up your sleeves hands on' counseling techniques to help people overcome negative consequence behavior and approach life in victory and freedom. There are four levels of Advanced Courses and they can be taken in any order.


Course # 1
What Is Anger/ What Are the Roots/ How The Brain Works/ Brain and Mind Distinction/ Neurons/ and Neurotransmitters/ Mechanical, Electrical & Chemical Energy/Details of Conscious and Subconscious Mind/Brain Stapling/Using Mind Power to Change Brain Chemistry/Brain Structure/Schematic Parts and the Effects of Addiction/How Neurons Communicate

Tuition for the Advanced Anger Management Certification Course is $225 + $15 (S&H) = $240 TOTAL

Click Here to Enroll in Anger Management

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery


Course # 2

Drugs and the Brain/ Narcissistic Personality Disorder in Addicts/ Community Systems Prevention/Parenting 2000/ Qwik Eye Alert/Ministers Training/The Church's Role in Prevention/The Addiction Cycle/Signs and Symptoms/Drug Education

Tuition for the Advanced Spiritual Dynamics of Addiction Certification Course is $195 + $15 (S&H) = $210 TOTAL

Click Here to Enroll in Spiritual Dynamics of Addiction

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery



Course # 3

Abuse- Emotional; Verbal; Physical; Sexual/Blended Families/Divorce and the Effects/Infidelity - Facts About Affairs; Contributing Factors; Restoration/ Remarriage/Single Parenting/Stress - Financial; Sexual/Steps to a Healthy Family

Tuition for the Advanced Complex Family Issues Certification Course is $195 + $15 (S&H) = $210 TOTAL

Click Here to Enroll in Complex Family Issues

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery


Course # 4

Counseling in the Crisis/ Crisis Intervention/ Traumatology Victimology 101/ Victimology 202/ Critical Incident Stress Type of Crisis/ What To Say and Not To Say/ Police and Fire Chaplaincy

Tuition for the Advanced Crisis Chaplaincy Certification Course is $195 + $15 (S&H) = $210 TOTAL

Click Here to Enroll in Crisis Chaplaincy

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery


Course # 5

Where we are today? How did we get here! How to help the Youth of today and their families.

Tuition for the Advanced Youth Violence Intervention Specialist Certification Course

is $195 + $15 (S&H) = $210 TOTAL

Click Here to Enroll in Youth Violence Intervention

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery


Course # 6
40 Timeless Principles for 21st Century Leaders.

Practical Faith Based Principles for leading any organization, ministry or business

Tuition for the Advanced Certified Leadership Coach Certification Course

is $195 + $15 (S&H) = $210 TOTAL

Click Here to Enroll in Leadership Coach

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery


Course # 7

Learn how to help deal with the “TOTAL” problem using the “Spiritual Care” components. Includes the Advanced Course-Spiritual Dynamics of Addiction.

Click Here to Enroll in CCDC

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

Please read the following carefully...

* Return Policy: Due to several people taking un-christian advantage of the FBCTI enrollment procedures and sending the courses back after possibly copying the material, the Board of Regents of the Faith Based Counselor Training Institute has determined we will only return tuition for the following reasons:

1. Illness that prevents you from completing the courses.

2. Defective material.

3. Unexpected circumstances that change your course of ministry.
4. Refunds will be processed within 90 days of Refund Request submitted in writing.

Only 50% of tuition will be refunded for any reason.

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