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to Crisis Intervention!"


Does Your Church Have

A Crisis Team that can minister to the victims of critical incidents or violent crime along with those who work in Emergency Services?

Ask yourself three questions

1. When a Critical Incident or Disaster occurs in your community does your church have members who are Trained, Credentialed and Positioned to minister to the unique needs of the victims?

2. Does your local Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Service personnel who work behind the scenes of a tragedy know that your church is capable of offering crisis intervention in the lives of those who are hurting?

3. Is your church prepared to deploy a Crisis Chaplaincy Team to the scene of a crime or accident to minister to the victims when emergency service personnel leave?

Example: You may feel led of God to be a police chaplain, fire and rescue chaplain, hospital chaplain, hospice or nursing home chaplain, industrial chaplain, or even a chaplain at a court house or a public or private school, or a prison/jail chaplain. There are hundreds of opportunities for qualified, credentialed and trained people to minister to the need of others. Pastors and Church Leaders, please take a moment to consider the following three extremely compelling questions.

One of the most significant and memorable ministries anyone can perform is to help those who are hurting in a time of crisis. Food for thought! There is a violent crime that occurs every minute in our country. There is major property loss due to fire or theft every hour. There are major accidents happening daily. We learned from September 11 just how fragile life really is and how fast things can change.

For too long the faith community has sat passively in the background and let government agencies or disaster relief staffs attempt to do what only the church really can. It's time we take our place in relief efforts through highly trained Crisis Teams coming from our local congregations.

Become a Nationally

Certified Crisis Chaplain

Dr. Michael K. Haynes, Ground Zero Crisis Chaplain

What can you do to help hurting people on a broader scale than you have ever considered? How can you use your spiritual gifts and training to counsel and assist others in the life controlling issues they might be facing? Become a Nationally Certified Crisis Chaplain and learn how to help hurting people.

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