Courses via Distance Learning - "At Your Own Pace In Your Own Place"  Dr. Michael K. Haynes 
Anger Management Specialist™ Certification

Getting a Grip on Anger™
Its a Mad...Mad...Mad...Mad...World! But, Finally...A Faith Based Anger Solution Program That Works!

  • We live in the most dangerous society to ever set foot in the sands of time. Violence and technology have joined forces to destroy the very moral fabric of our world.

  • The Faith Based Counselor Training Institute offers this extremely vital course to equip our students a hands on approach to help curtail this overwhelming problem one group at a time.

  • This innovative faith-based program is being used by counselors, schools, law enforcement, the military, prisons, jails and many other agencies to examine the root causes and solutions for the extreme hostility that is permeating our nation.

  • The good news is that once anger is understood, there are many ways to turn negative consequence behavior around for good in the lives of those who seem to be trapped in the at risk populations we work with.


What You Will Learn from the Course:

  • Gateways to Violence - School/ Workplace/ Domestic Violence
  • Biblical Dynamics of Anger - What is Anger/ How Does It Work
  • Roots of Anger - Family of Origin/ Current Extended and Blended Families
  • Anger and the Brain - Brain Chemistry/ Brain Stapling/ Learned Behavior
  • Recognizing the Volcano Within - Problem Behavior Indicators
  • Anger and the Belief System - Pride Problems/ Self Esteem Issues/ Inferiority Issues
  • Anger Mis-Management - Stuffing It/ Self Punishment/ Explosion/ Whining
  • Anger and Unmet Needs - Intimacy Needs/ Relationship Needs/ Vocational Needs
  • Positive Anger Management and Expression

Background Information:

Dr. Michael K. Haynes, Ph.D.
and other instructors have many combined years of life experience and extensive research on school, workplace and domestic violence, and the roots of anger coupled with the power of media and music as well as tracing the families of origin. The result has been some of the most practical instruction available anywhere in the world for those who desire to help people who have problems with anger, rage or other unhealthy emotions.

The program is recommended by numerous organizations including The Texas Department of Corrections and Community Services; American Correctional Chaplains Association; Texas Department of Corrections Chaplaincy Department; Arkansas Department of Corrections Chaplaincy Department; The Baylor Hospital System; the Restorative Justice Ministry Network of North America; and many others.

Federal, State, County, and City officials are mandating anger management classes for clients in the criminal justice system and other populations at risk. The probation and parole divisions of various state and federal criminal justice systems are making across the board invitations for faith-based counselors with the proper training and certification to help their departments teach anger management principles to their officers as well as to the people involved in their case loads.

Extra Bonus... Learn to use the STAXI-2 (State-Trait Anger Assessment Inventory) You will also learn how to use and administer this powerful tool which can give individual assessment and treatment plans to your clients.

Another Bonus... 10 hours of CEU's for Licensed Professionals and Healthcare Workers will be offered.

Tuition for the Anger Management Specialist Certification is $225 plus $15 (S&H) = $240 TOTAL



Or, you may mail you payment of $240 to:

The Faith Based Counselor Training Institute, Inc.
PO Box 5253
Temple, TX

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery