Courses via Distance Learning - "At Your Own Pace In Your Own Place"  Dr. Michael K. Haynes 

Our Vision...

Following the passage of House Bill 2481 by the Texas Legislature in 1997, Paul Carlin requested the assistance of seasoned pastoral and professional counselors, Michael K. Haynes, Ph.D. and Ken Dodson, LPC., to formulate the curriculum and structure for The Therapon Institute. Dr. Haynes served as Therapon's President for one year. After resigning that position, on February 1, 1998, Dr. Haynes and his wife Marj, received a Texas corporate charter for The Faith-Based Counselor Training Institute, Inc.
With the passage of House Bill 2481 the Texas legislature opened the doors for the "faith community" to be able to acquire a State recognized counselor certification through accreditation by a well-credentialed, private sector religious training entity. Since that time, the faith-based initiatives have gone nationwide with the enormous mission of helping people to experience a change of heart, consequently a change of life.

FBCTI is one of America's leading forerunners in Faith Based Counselor Certification Training. After completing the FBCTI courses, Bill Yeary established The International Institute of Faith Based Counseling. In like manner, following the FBCTI basic training Gene Grounds began the Victim Chaplain's and Counselor Association of America. Other FBCTI graduates who have applied their training are Bob and Ann Wilson who founded The Meadows House, a residential Faith Based Drug and Alcohol facility. Dr. Haynes wrote and developed the early Victim Relief curriculum as well as The Meadows House Recovery Manual and the Wilson's book entitled "Enablers Can Kill Addicts." God has uniquely blessed The Faith Based Counselor Training Institute, Inc. to be able to help so many other training entities to become established in order to advance the Kingdom and bless hurting people.

The Faith Based Counselor Training Institute has trained and certified over 7,000 people in all of its curriculums since its beginning. As of 2007 we have students in all 50 states and 7 foreign countries through our distance learning program. This distinct school offers a variety of well rounded and intense Basic and Advanced Courses that give students 'hands on and roll up you sleeves' counseling techniques and skills training specializing in the Biblical dynamics of Chemical Dependency, Anger Management, Complex Family Issues, Crisis Intervention, Domestic Violence, Critical Incident Stress Management, Spiritual Dynamics of Recovery, Ministering to Inmates and their Families, Counseling Victims, Psychological Disorders, Nutrition and Well-being, and other vital issues.