Courses via Distance Learning - "At Your Own Pace In Your Own Place"  Dr. Michael K. Haynes 

The Faith Based Counselor Training Institute now offers an “Accreditation Through Certification" for
counselors who desire to use Biblical Dynamics to help clients who are struggling with unhealthy
emotions that result in negative consequence behavior. Certification and Accreditation does mean
something. The White House Faith-Based Initiative Office desires for the "faith community" to
voluntarily achieve the high-quality standards and training now required by state licensure boards.
"Certification” by a well -credentialed, private sector religious body - in lieu of state licensing and
regulations promises to be a win-win solution because… Certification demonstrates accountability,
promises greater sensitivity to religious providers, and provides an alternative solution to
cumbersome state regulations.

Here are Several things that Faith Based Counselor Certification Accomplishes... 

  • Builds Public Trust
  • Adds to the Counselor's Confidence
  • Complies with State Laws, Rules, and Regulations       
  • Creates Accountability and Standardization
  • Provides Networking Possibilities
  • Raises Awareness of Current Societal Problems
  • Brings a Dimension of Professionalism
  • Gives a Brief Education into the Arena of Counseling Techniques
  • Offers a Spiritual Care Perspective to Continuing Education Units(CEU’s)


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